Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly

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Steel Truss Bridge Description:

Introduction of the steel truss bridge:

The steel truss bridge is a structural system between beams and arches. It is a structure in which a bent upper beam structure and a pressure-bearing lower column are integrated together. Due to the rigid connection between the beam and the column, the beam is unloaded due to the flexural rigidity of the column.

According to the different position of the bridge floor, it is divided into upper bearing steel truss bridge that the bridge floor is located in the upper part of the main truss and lower bearing steel truss bridge which the bridge floor is located in the lower part of the main truss.

The structure composition of rigid truss beam bridge: Main girder, Bracing, Bridge deck system, Bridge floor

Beams or Chords: Beams, also known as chords, are the horizontal members of the truss that span the entire length of the bridge. They provide support for the bridge deck and help distribute the weight of the bridge and its load. Chords are usually located at the top and bottom of the truss.

Diagonals: Diagonal members connect the chords at various angles, forming triangular patterns within the truss structure. These diagonals help to distribute the loads and forces across the truss, enhancing the structural stability of the bridge.

Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly  steel truss bridge,steel bridge

(1) Main girder

It is the main load-bearing structure and bears vertical loads.

The main truss is composed of upper chord, lower chord and belly rod. The belly bar is divided into diagonal bar and vertical bar.

Nodes are divided into large nodes and small nodes.

Pitch refers to the distance between nodes.

(2) Bracing

1. Classification: longitudinal connection and horizontal connection.

2. Function: Connect the main truss, make the bridge span structure become a stable space structure that can withstand a variety of lateral loads.

3. The longitudinal connection system is divided into upper horizontal longitudinal connection system and lower horizontal longitudinal connection system. The main function is to withstand the transverse horizontal load, transverse wind, lateral rocking force and centrifugal force acting on the bridge span structure. In addition, the transverse support chord, reducing its free length outside the plane.

4. The transverse connection is divided into bridge frame and crosslink. The main function is to increase the torsional stiffness of steel girder. Properly adjust the uneven force of the two main stringer or two longitudinal links.

(3) Bridge deck system

1. Composition: the longitudinal beam, beam and the connection between the longitudinal beam.

2. Way of force transmission: the load first acts on the longitudinal beam, and then from the longitudinal beam to the beam, and then from the beam to the main truss.

(4) Bridge deck

The bridge deck is the part for vehicles and pedestrians to walk on. The form of the deck is similar to that of steel beam Bridges and combined beam bridges.

Geometric characteristics of the main truss:

Economy, simple structure, conducive to standardization and easy to manufacture and install.

The main truss categories:

Triangular truss: Triangular truss structure is simple, the design is fixed, easy to install and manufacture.

Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly  steel truss bridge,steel bridge

Diagonal bar truss:

Many bar specifications.

Many specifications and large internal force of the vertical rod.

All are large nodes.

Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly  steel truss bridge,steel bridge

The K-shaped truss:

The shear force of the same node is borne by two diagonal rods, which are small and short in section.

The bar has many specifications, many nodes, short intersections, and many crossbar beams and connections. For small and medium-sized spans, the structure is complex.

For large spans, the rods are short, light and suitable for mounting and dismounting Bridges.

Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly  steel truss bridge,steel bridge

Double-vented bar truss:

The same internode shear force is borne by two diagonal rods, which are small and short in section.

It is used for large span, short compression inclined rod, which is favorable for buckling stability.

The small section of the inclined rod makes the number of connecting pins on the joint plate less, and it is easy to arrange the joint.

Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly  steel truss bridge,steel bridge

It's important to note that the specific design and configuration of a steel truss bridge can vary depending on factors such as the span length, anticipated loads, topography, and engineering requirements. Professional structural engineers and bridge designers carefully analyze these factors to create an optimized truss design that meets the required safety and performance standards.

Application of the steel truss bridge:

Iconic Landmarks: Some steel truss bridges have become iconic landmarks in cities around the world. These bridges, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia or the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States, serve as important transportation links while also being major tourist attractions.

The application of steel truss bridges is diverse and depends on factors such as span length, load requirements, site conditions, and architectural considerations. They are valued for their strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice for various bridge construction projects.

Features of steel truss bridges:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Steel is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, which means it can withstand significant loads while remaining relatively lightweight. This property allows for the construction of strong and durable truss structures without excessive weight, reducing the overall cost of the bridge.

Durability: Steel is highly durable and resistant to environmental factors such as corrosion, weathering, and pests.

Advantages of the steel truss bridge:

Large span
Fast construction speed
Energy saving
Beautiful building appearance
Good seismic performance
Wide application
Can be customized

Evercross Steel Bridges Overview :

Bailey bridge(Compact-200, Compact-100, LSB, PB100, China-321,BSB)
Modular bridge( GWD, Delta, 450-type,etc),
Truss Bridge,Warren bridge,
Arch bridge, Plate bridge,Beam bridge,Box girder bridge,
Suspension bridge,Cable-stayed bridge,
Floating bridge,etc
DESIGN SPANS10M TO 300M Single span
BS5400 HA+20HB,HA+30HB,
AS5100 Truck-T44,
IRC 70R Class A/B,
STEEL GRADEEN10025 S355JR S355J0/EN10219 S460J0/EN10113 S460N/BS4360 Grade 55C
AS/NZS3678/3679/1163/Grade 350,
ASTM A572/A572M GR50/GR65
GB1591 GB355B/C/D/460C,etc
AS/NZS 1554 or equivalent
BOLTSISO898,AS/NZS1252,BS3692 or equivalent
AS/NZS 4680
or equivalent


Bailey Steel Truss Bridge Single Lane Customized For Ferry Assembly  steel truss bridge,steel bridge

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