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PB100 Modular footbridge Description:

Modular footbridges are portable steel bridge have been widely used in various fields, its most important feature is to achieve a variety of spans, bear carrying capacity, light and handy components, easy to dismantle and strong adaptability can be quickly completed with simple tools and manpower.

The surface protection can be paint or hot-dip galvanized.

PB100 Modular footbridge Origin:

Upon years of discussion and collaboration, PB100 Modular footbridge has applied the advantages of Bailey bridge and optimal choice of material in its projects. EVERCROSS team have been entrusted to develop and design a light-weighted PB100 Modular footbridge. The bridge design has been given due considerations to the demand of function, natural environmental condition, technical feasibility, material transportation and cost etc.

As the requirement on loading was smaller, the structural members of the bailey panel could be re-designed to a lighter weight, meeting its needs on economic, transportation, construction and other means. With the premise of ensuring safety, PB100 Modular footbridge excels the conventional Bailey bridge limitations as mentioned and it has its unique advantage of application in the PB100 Modular footbridge projects.

The Importance of Bailey Bridge Application on PB100 Modular footbridge

As compared to the general transportation and bridge construction, PB100 Modular footbridge have its uniqueness. PB100 Modular footbridges are characterized by the economical and small-scale to provide connectivity for villagers in remote rural areas. The bridges of PB100 modular bridge are only used as footbridge and has forbidden the use of vehicles and agricultural machinery to cross the bridge. In that respect, the design loading for PB100 Modular footbridges has usually taken as 3kN/m2 and is much smaller than those applied for conventional bridges.

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PB100 Modular footbridge Introduction

Modular footbridge is a kind of light-weighted footbridge constructed from fabricated steel. It is composed of the load-bearing bailey panels, the minor load carrying transoms (floor beams), decks, other support members. The construction is simple by using standardized prefabricated components under a reasonable budget control.

PB100 Modular footbridge Advantage

Simple structure

Standardization of prefabricated components

Controllable cost

Fast construction speed

PB100 Modular footbridge Features

1. High strength and big stiffness, relative to the concrete bridge can be reduced trabecular high and self-respect
2. Due to the steel isotropic, quality of a material is uniform and modulus of elasticity, that make steel bridge in the working condition and calculation compared with the assumption
3. Modular footbridge generally prefabricated in factory, site assembled by pins and bolts; the construction period is short, processing convenient and not affected by seasonal effect.
4. Modular footbridge is suitable for industrialized manufacture and very convenient to transport.
5. Modular footbridge is easy to repair and replace, long lifetime, material can be recycled.

PB100 Modular footbridge Scope of Application

The erection of the bridge could be carried out in a speedy way as only manual labor and simple machinery are required. It is a versatile design and can be used widely as a footbridge in rural and mountainous areas.

In principle, the footbridge is designed for pedestrians and livestock uses and not for vehicles or agricultural machinery. Two standards of bailey footbridge roadway width, which are 1300mm and 1500mm, measured from the two truss panel centers (also defined as clear width of 1250mm and 1450mm respectively) have built and used as shown in figure. The 1500mm width design is more suitable to places where the need of free passage by livestock is required. The clear width of the bridge should not be larger than 1500mm and this could prevent the abused use by vehicles and agriculture machinery by overloading it.

Footwalk Steel Beam Footbridge Steel Modular Fast Installed ODM  bridge,footbridge,modular bridge,modular footbridge

Footwalk Steel Beam Footbridge Steel Modular Fast Installed ODM  bridge,footbridge,modular bridge,modular footbridge

Mixture form to erect all kinds of PB100 Modular footbridge

Temporary Bridges, Emergency Bridges and Fixed Bridges.
Using the bridge equipment, the suspension bridges of varied span can be erected.
The bridge has the advantages of few components, light weight and low cost.
Modular footbridge requires no special tools or heavy equipment for construction, the bridge elements are small enough to be carried in, and the bridge is strong enough to carry. It is considered a great example of military engineering.

PB100 Modular footbridge Competitive Advantage:

Moderate Construction Difficulty:

The bridge structure and its components of PB100 Modular footbridge are simplified and standardized. Only a small number of simple tools and machinery are required in its construction. As a result, the requisition of a relatively large number of skilled personnel on site is not necessary. In the circumstance, it allows a larger number of participants to involve in the project and the core values of PB100 Modular footbridge activities could be realized.

Light Structural Design:

Standard bailey panel structure is the basics of PB100 Modular footbridge. A single bailey panel should have weight less than 120 kg and length 2 meters. The light-weighted design allows its application in PB100 Modular footbridge projects. It also lowers the cost and prevents excessive waste of resources, ensuring the economy and sustainability of PB100 Modular footbridge construction.

Rapid Installation:

Steel modular footbridges are designed for quick and efficient installation. The prefabricated components are manufactured off-site, allowing for simultaneous on-site preparation. This significantly reduces construction time and minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment.


The modular design and prefabrication process of steel footbridges help reduce overall construction costs. The controlled manufacturing environment ensures high-quality components, minimizing the risk of errors or rework. The efficient installation process also reduces labor and equipment costs.

Long Span

Bailey bridge has a longer span than the gabion bridge, thus, a smaller number of piers is required. Disturbance on the riverbed by excavation could be minimized and the effective flow of the river will not be hampered to a greater extent.

Evercross Steel Bridges Overview :

Bailey bridge(Compact-200, Compact-100, LSB, PB100, China-321,BSB)
Modular bridge( GWD, Delta, 450-type,etc),
Truss Bridge,Warren bridge,
Arch bridge, Plate bridge,Beam bridge,Box girder bridge,
Suspension bridge,Cable-stayed bridge,
Floating bridge,etc
DESIGN SPANS10M TO 300M Single span
BS5400 HA+20HB,HA+30HB,
AS5100 Truck-T44,
IRC 70R Class A/B,
STEEL GRADEEN10025 S355JR S355J0/EN10219 S460J0/EN10113 S460N/BS4360 Grade 55C
AS/NZS3678/3679/1163/Grade 350,
ASTM A572/A572M GR50/GR65
GB1591 GB355B/C/D/460C,etc
AS/NZS 1554 or equivalent
BOLTSISO898,AS/NZS1252,BS3692 or equivalent
AS/NZS 4680
or equivalent

Footwalk Steel Beam Footbridge Steel Modular Fast Installed ODM  bridge,footbridge,modular bridge,modular footbridge

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