Heavy Duty Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge Simple Structure

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Heavy Duty Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge Simple Structure

Modular Steel Bridge Description:

GW D Modular bridge are new kinds of assembly steel bridges, comprising longitudinal trusses that are formed of steel beam chords and pre-fabricated modular steel panel webs, connected end to end with transverse cross girders spanning between them that support a two lane or a single lane, steel deck roadway or concrete roadway.
The surface protection can be paint or hot-dip galvanized.

Modular Steel Bridge Specifications:

Single laneStandard roadway: 4.2mSingle span: 35m-91m
Double laneStandard roadway:7.35mSingle span: 35m-91m
Load: design according to different requirements
Deck: steel deck / concrete deck

Modular Steel Bridge Advantage

Possessing the features of simple structure.

Great stability and long fatigue life.
Being capable of an alternative span, loading capacity.
Convenient transport, speedy erection.
Easy disassembling.
Heavy loading capacity.

Modular Steel Bridge Competitive Advantage:

  • Heavy loading capacity
  • Used as permanent bridge
  • Great stability
  • Simple in structure
  • Long service life
  • Rapid in erection

Modular Steel Bridge Introduction

GW D Modular bridge is a standard bridge equipment, adopted extensively and the most popular in the world. steel modular footbridges offer a practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for providing safe pedestrian crossings. Their prefabricated nature, adaptability, and durability make them a popular choice for a wide range of applications, contributing to improved connectivity and accessibility in urban and rural areas alike.

The benefits of steel modular footbridges extend beyond their construction and installation. Their modular design allows for easy transportation, assembly, and disassembly, making them suitable for temporary installations or situations where bridge relocation may be necessary.


Modular Steel Bridge Features

1. High strength and big stiffness, relative to the concrete bridge can be reduced trabecular high and self-respect
2. Due to the steel isotropic, quality of a material is uniform and modulus of elasticity, that make steel bridge in the working condition and calculation compared with the assumption
3. GW D Modular bridge generally prefabricated in factory, site assembled by pins and bolts; the construction period is short, processing convenient and not affected by seasonal effect.
4. GW D Modular bridge is suitable for industrialized manufacture and very convenient to transport.
5. GW D Modular bridge is easy to repair and replace, long lifetime, material can be recycled.

Modular Steel Bridge Application

Beam bridge, arch bridge, rigid frame bridge, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge. passenger footbridge

Mixture form to erect all kinds of Modular Steel Bridge

Temporary Bridges, Emergency Bridges and Fixed Bridges.
Using the bridge equipment, the suspension bridges of varied span can be erected.
The bridge has the advantages of few components, light weight and low cost.
Modular steel bridge is similar to the panel bailey bridge from their appearance. The difference is its increased truss panel height and truss panel section is larger to afford more loading. Pre-arch method is used to additionally cut down mid-span and vertical deflection to a larger degree.
The components are connected by connecting plates and fixed with high-strength bolts. Modualr steel bridges has all the advantages of Bailey bridge, and with a larger span and stronger load-bearing capacity.

Evercross Steel Bridges Overview :

Bailey bridge(Compact-200, Compact-100, LSB, PB100, China-321,BSB)
Modular bridge( GWD, Delta, 450-type,etc),
Truss Bridge,Warren bridge,
Arch bridge, Plate bridge,Beam bridge,Box girder bridge,
Suspension bridge,Cable-stayed bridge,
Floating bridge,etc
DESIGN SPANS10M TO 300M Single span
BS5400 HA+20HB,HA+30HB,
AS5100 Truck-T44,
IRC 70R Class A/B,
STEEL GRADEEN10025 S355JR S355J0/EN10219 S460J0/EN10113 S460N/BS4360 Grade 55C
AS/NZS3678/3679/1163/Grade 350,
ASTM A572/A572M GR50/GR65
GB1591 GB355B/C/D/460C,etc
AS/NZS 1554 or equivalent
BOLTSISO898,AS/NZS1252,BS3692 or equivalent
AS/NZS 4680
or equivalent

Heavy Duty Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge Simple Structure  

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