ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set

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Heavy-Duty Container Roller Movement Set also known as a hydraulic container wheel, is a specialized device that combines hydraulic lifting capabilities with wheels to handle and transport containers.

This type of equipment is commonly used in ports, terminals, and other logistics facilities for efficient container handling.

2. Performance Index

1. The container movement set is used for lifting and moving the heavy-duty container.

2. Hydraulic system can be locked reversely, in order to preventing the shelters or transportation containers from falling down.

3. It can be put in place reliably after loading containers

4. It is suit for 40ft and 20ft standard container.


The composition of the equipment is as shown in pic1, pic2

ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

                                                                   Pic1 Moving wheels

  ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

                                                            Pic 2 Transportation Platform

Table2 part list of transportation equipment

Serial numberParts nameTypeQtyRemark
1Moving wheelsSaem-611-014 
2Lifting rodSaem-611-021 
3Hydraulic systemSaem-611-034 
4Cross rod for vehicle tractionSaem-611-041 
5Drag rod for vehicle tractionSaem-611-051 
6Direction arm for vehicle tractionSaem-611-061 
7Manual drawbarSaem-611-071 
8Height indicator systemSaem-611-081 
9Direction locking mechanismSaem-611-091 
10Bottom locking mechanismSaem-611-101 
11Top locking mechanismSaem-611-111 
12Positioning deviceSaem-611-122 

Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system is responsible for powering the lifting mechanism of the container handling wheel. It comprises hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, and fluid reservoirs. When activated, the hydraulic system generates pressure to lift and lower the container.

Lifting Mechanism: The lifting mechanism of the container handling wheel is designed to securely grip and lift containers. It typically includes adjustable arms or clamps that can be positioned to fit various container sizes. The arms are actuated by the hydraulic system to lift and hold the container during transportation.

Operation method

Check before use

Step1: Check the main part of Container Movement-hydraulic pump, whether the hydraulic oil meets requirements, the resistance of hydraulic rod is right for moving up and down, check whether the hydraulic system is oil leak and loose. The hydraulic system shall be operated after finishing inspection.

Step2: Check the oil valve of hydraulic pump in level ground. The level of oil cannot be lower than the center of sight flow glass, forbidden using with a little oil or without oil.

Step3: Count the components of container movement, the components details see table2 .

Step4: Open the locking mechanism of two forwarding moving wheels. Move a full set of container movement near to the container, and put it in steady place, lock moving wheels mechanism, insert the king pin, in order to keep steady for further usage.


Step1: To remove the boss connecting rods from carriage shelves, and put it in a place which will not affect the movement of Heavy-Duty Container Roller Movement Set.

Step2: To remove the manpower drawbar from the carriage shelves, insert it in the corresponding position of main part in the moving wheels, connect with pin and spring pin for manpower moving trolley. As is shown in pic3:

       ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

Step3: Remove the hydraulic system from carriage shelves and insert into hydraulic tub, lock the ends and fasten screws, as shown in pic4;

        ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

Step4: To move spring pin and pin in the wheel support arm poke and transport shaped frame, to loosen the lock of moving wheel, to make sure the locknut in a released status, to keep the handle in a horizontal status, and then remove the transport mechanism from the carriage shelves.

Step5: To fasten the four sets of cabins in the relative position of Heavy-Duty Container Roller Movement Set, insert the locking mechanism into the holes of the corner fittings for container, turn handle 90 degrees counterclockwise, then tighten the locknut. Insert locking mechanism of moving wheels into right hole of shelters, make the handle in upright status, lock the nuts. As is shown pic5, pic6.

       ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

           ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

Remark: When it is not smooth when driving mechanism is inserted into the corner, the hydraulic operation levers could be adjusted to change the vertical direction of lock mechanism. Adjust bolt1 if there is left or right deviation for top locking mechanism, bolt2 can be adjusted if there is upside or downside deviation.

Step6: Mount the cross rod for vehicle traction and adjust it to proper length according to the container width. Install the cross rod into the slotted component on the front moving wheels of the container through hinge pin and spring pin.

Step7: Install drag rod for vehicle traction: assemble two sections in place of the cross rod for vehicle traction with hinge and spring pin.

Step8: Install direction arm for vehicle traction: adjust the length of direction arm, one end shall be mounted in shaft pin of moving wheels with hinge, spring pin, another end need to be fixed in shaft pin of drag rod for vehicle traction with nuts, lock the adjust bolt in two ends of direction arm for vehicle traction by monkey wrench.

Notice: Keep the length of two direction arms for vehicle traction equal, otherwise, it will run one side during moving.

Step9: Operators in position: one person on each corner of the container to make sure the container in a horizontal situation. Mark the initial position of the pointer and adjust the reversing valve of the hydraulic system to UP. Everyone acts following the order, working on the hydraulic rod and watching the height display from the pointer. Try best to keep all four corners are lifted with the same speed;

Step10Link the ring of the drag rod to the hauling hook of the tractor. Open the direction lock mechanism for the two moving wheels. Slow down the moving speed on unevenness surface when moving containers by tractor.

Notice: Keep the minimum turning radius R=7m,and the angle of turn is less than 30°.Both sides of direction arm for vehicle traction shall be connected with drag rod and moving wheels respectively. When the tractor is turning, drag rod is being turned, and transmits the direction to moving wheels through direction arm.

Step11Fasten the nuts of position device after moving the container to required place, to make sure stop reliably.


             ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

Notice: Make sure the slope of ground is not higher than 1 if it is necessary to stop. Screw up the nuts of position device by hand to make brake block the wheels.


During long distance movement of vehicle traction(≥500m), keep the distance less than 240mm between the shelters and ground.

Moving speed in straight line should not be higher than 10km/h, turning corner speed should be lower than 5km/h.

Roll-up process

Step1: The vehicle traction rod and the vehicle traction shall be separated after reaching the destination.

Step2: Tightening the locking mechanism, make sure stop reliably.

Step3: Put the commutator valve in hydraulic system in down position, the shelter will be landed smoothly by hydraulic rod.

Step4: Remove the vehicle traction direction rod from the vehicle traction rod, the traction direction rod shall be adjusted to the shortest position, and lay up on the surrounding ground level.

Step5: From the vehicle traction rod pull open the spring pin and the pin shaft, take down the vehicle traction rod, putting the traction rod split into two sections, lay up on the surrounding ground level.

Step6: Pull off the spring pin and the hinge pin to, take off the cross rod for vehicle traction, adjust it to installation status, put it onto level ground.

Step7: Pull of the moving wheels from the corners of shelter after open top and bottom locking mechanism, insert bottom locking mechanism into corners of transportation frame, tighten the locking mechanism.

Step8: Take hydraulic rod off from moving wheels, insert into mounting holes correspondingly from top to bottom.

Step9: Disassemble the joint bolt and nut from manpower traction rod, which shall be taken off and hung in place of corresponding pin shaft of transportation frame.

Step10: Put the direction arm for vehicle traction on the angle pin.

Step11: Tighten the manpower traction rod, direction arm by tie.

Step12: The vehicle traction rail shall be mounted on one side of transportation frame, putting the lower end into the groove shaped piece, in the bottom of transportation frame, the upper end is connected to the corner of transportation frame by a pin shaft and a spring pin.

Step13: Mount the traction rod on another side of transportation frame, the lower end shall be inserted into bottom channel pieces, the upper end shall be tightened by limit.

Step14: Connect the boss connecting rod with the two groove parts of the moving wheel by the pin roll and the spring pin.

Step15: When moving container movement set is completed, the vehicle traction rod is divided into two sections is mounted on the carrier side in case of hoisting, assemble the vehicle traction rod and the pin roll by the spring catch in case of vehicle traction, assemble traction rod and the boss connecting rod pin boss by the spring catch. In case of manpower transportation, take the human traction rod down, and connect it with moving wheels by the spring catch and pin roll.

Warning: (1)Whether manual traction or vehicle traction transport the Heavy-Duty Container Roller Movement Set, you must open two moving wheels lock mechanism in the forward direction.

(2)To ensure the hoisting hydraulic system in fully retracted state, back to the bottom, this moment continue to add pressure, put the hydraulic valve handle is in the lift (UP) position, and then hoisting. Hoisting continuously shall not be more than 10min.


1. Clean the dirt on surface of device in time after using it, keep it dry and tidy. choose neutral cleaning agent is better for cleaning, Prohibit the use of cleaning agent corrosive.

2. The structure, hydraulic circuit shall be checked before and after using, make sure the structure without damage and hydraulic circuit in normal status, If there is existence of hidden dangers, timely replacement or stop using.

3. Replacement of hydraulic oil

  1. Fuel tank capacity (single one): 2.1 L.
  2. Requirement of hydraulic oil:15#hydraulic oil
  3. Replacement method of the hydraulic oil: The cylinder assembly retreats to the limit position and take down from the mobile shelves, unscrew the top valve, pour the hydraulic oil out from the oil tank and then add enough clean backup oil, (note: when you refuel the oil tank, it is required to filter and leave the oil record), put the hydro-cylinder lift and the oil in the tank has been up, injection the selected and clean hydraulic oil (note: in this moment the oil level should be over 3/4 of the tank height according to the liquid level is above the observation window center red circle on the edge), it can be used after the cylinder back to the limit position and in accordance with the order of assembly.

4. Keep Container Movement Set in good status, prevent from rain, sun, water, damage and so on.

5. Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of the hydraulic system

The common failure usually occurs in the hydraulic system of the Container Movement Set. Therefore, the following describes common fault diagnosis and elimination of hydraulic system.

Hydraulic equipment is composed of mechanic, hydraulic pressure, the failures are in varied forms. One failure could be caused by many factors, analyze the hydraulic trouble shooting shall understand hydraulic principle chart and moving wheels hydraulic system drawing. see pic6. In general, the hydraulic system failure 80% is caused by pollution of hydraulic oil or not working hydraulic components, they will be considered during fault diagnosis.


                ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting

Table3 The exclusion of common faults

Fault conditionsFault phenomenon and reasonElimination method
No pressurePump could not suck the oilFuel tank, Change the filter
The assembly of pump is not appropriate, the pump is not work, is dirty.Repair or replace
Insufficient pressurePump or fluid cylinder is damaged, and Internal leakage.Replace or repair
The tank level lowOil to the labeled Height
Cylinder does not workFuel tank without oilAdd the hydraulic oil
The seal of the hand pump is damaged, Oil pressure is not promoted.Dismantle the manual pump,
Replace seals
Cylinder without rod,oil pipe is loosenScrewed pipe joint
The piston rod oilThe seal components for the front of the oil cylinder are wear and tear.Remove cylinder rod end seal
Joint leakageThe pipe joint is looseTighten the joint
Sealing washer of the joint is damaged.Replace sealing washer

Applications of Container Movement Set:

Port and Terminal Operations: container movement Sets are extensively used in ports and terminals for the efficient loading and unloading of containers from ships and trucks.

Container Yards and Depots: container yards and depots utilize hydraulic lifting container handling wheels to stack and organize containers.

Matching list

The list of supporting projects is as follows:

Serial numberParts nameTypeQtyRemark
1Moving wheelsSaem-611-014 
2Lifting rodSaem-611-021 
3Hydraulic systemSaem-611-034 
4Cross rod for vehicle tractionSaem-611-041 
5Drag rod for vehicle tractionSaem-611-051 
6Direction arm for vehicle tractionSaem-611-061 
7Manual drawbarSaem-611-071 

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ODM Container Lifting Machine Container Movement Set Rolling Set  Container Movement Set

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