Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge

HD100 Bailey Bridge

Model Alias : 100-Type, CB100, 321-type, Compact-100
Bridge deck net width : 4m/ 4.2m
Maximum Free Span length: 51m =170ft
International Panel Dimension: 3048mm*1450mm(Holes center distance)

China domestic Panel Dimension: 3000mm*1400mm(Holes center distance)

HD100 Bailey panel bridge is a type of bridge system that can be dissembled and rapidly erected. It was designed according to British Compact-100 Bailey Bridge. The whole bridge is welded with high-tensile strength steel. The girder is light weight composite panels and the panels are connected by panel connection pins. The conversion between the parts is easy and they are lightweight. It is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport them. It can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement. So, it has been widely applied as a more developed and guaranteed panel bridges for emergency transportation.

Because the deck is thin and transom beam is light, It is suitable for that when the requested bridge span or loading are small. 

Bailey BridgeBailey Bridge

HD200 Bailey Bridge

Model Alias : CB200, ZB200, Compact-200, LSB (Logistics Support Bridge)
Single lane : Bridge deck net width: 3.15m.                   Maximum Free Span Length: 60.96m
Extra Width Single lane : Bridge deck net width:4.2m.  Maximum Free Span Length: 60.96m
Std. Double lanes : Bridge deck net width:7.35m.          Maximum Free Span Length: 45.72m
Panel Dimension: 3048mm X2134mm (Holes center distance)
The HD200 panel bridge is similar to the HD100 panel bridge from their appearance. The difference is its increased panel height to 2.134m. For some bridge with longer spans, It employed the method of alternating joints between Reinforcement Chords and the joints between panels. This method can decrease inelastic deformation caused by the oversized pinholes. Pre-arch method is used to additionally cut down mid-span and vertical deflection to a larger degree. Bolt-connected components use the orienting sleeve- fixing method to increase accuracy of connections. Shear is created in orienting sleeves and tension is developed in bolts, which increase the usage life of the bolts and ensure the safety of panel bridges. Wind resistant brace is made to be composite type and is connected to transom/girders to improve overall stability of panel bridges. The part between braced frame and panels is fixed through bridging so as to prevent the whole bridge from side bending. After the erection, there will be a pre-arched degree over the span of the bridge. Besides it can be assembled into single-lane bridges. The compact 200 panel bridge can also be assembled into double lane bridge, hence it broadens its application range. It is suitable for the load designs of HS-15, HS-20, HS-25 ,HL-93 and pedrail-50 etc.

Bailey BridgeBailey Bridge

GWD Long-span prefabricated steel truss bridge

Model Alias :CD450, CD, 450-type, HBD60
Extra Width Single lane : Bridge deck net width:4.2m.   Maximum Free Span Length: 82.836m
Std. Double lanes : Bridge deck net width:7.35m.          Maximum Free Span Length: 91.44m

GWD modular bridge was invited from Germany and has advantage in the long-span and big loading comparing to bailey bridge. Thus, it can save cost of piers.

Its panel chord is bigger than bailey bridge panel but the panel structure is simpler. All the components are bolted so the bridge can be used as a permanent bridge because of its small deflection..The components are interchangeable and repetitively used.This kind of bridge has various structure changes to satisfy different loading capacity. 

Bailey BridgeBailey Bridge

PB100 Modular footbridge

Model Alias : PB100 Modular Footbridge
Application scope of PB100 Modular Footbridge steel bridge
Walkway net width :1.3m ~ 1.5m
Maximum Free Span : 16m 
Panel Dimension: 2000mm X 1200mm

Upon years of discussion and collaboration, PB100 Modular footbridge has applied the advantages of Bailey bridge and optimal choice of material in its projects. EVERCROSS Steam have been entrusted to develop and design a light-weighted PB100 Modular footbridge. The bridge design has been given due considerations to the demand of function, natural environmental condition, technical feasibility, material transportation and cost etc. As the requirement on loading was smaller, the structural members of the bailey panel could be re-designed to a lighter weight, meeting its needs on economic, transportation, construction and other means. With the premise of ensuring safety, PB100 Modular footbridge excels the conventional Bailey bridge limitations as mentioned and it has its unique advantage of application in the PB100 Modular footbridge projects.

Bailey BridgeBailey Bridge